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About Us

Thanks for visiting Also Hacked! This blog is run by cybersecurity enthusiasts. We collect information about cyber attacks , data breaches, security incidents — all related to business and organizations around the world. And then we present it to you in a simple and structured form. Our main sources of data are the mass media, various credible news websites and companies’ press releases. We are against fake news, and it is our best efforts to double check and make sure the source is credible.

Well, that’s how the journalism should look like, right?

We believe cybersecurity is one of the most important issues in the world we live in. You are probably reading this text using your monitor or your smartphone. It is just another proof we are all wa-ay down the rabbit hole.

Almost on a daily basis one can find out about just another data breach or a personal information leak. It is important to be aware of such events, as you might be a user of one of those services, or be employed by one of those companies.

We would love to hear from you. Your feedback and ideas are much appreciated!

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