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Bouygues Construction

On January 30, 2020 Bouygues Construction SA cyber attack hit the French construction company systems with ransomware. According to Bouygues, the cyber attack had not disrupted any construction work. As a precautionary measure, information systems have been shut down to prevent any propagation.

Maze claimed responsibility for the attack and posted 1.2 GB file with the Bouygues Construction stolen data. iTnews notified of a list of 237 computers with Windows domain names on the Maze website, including the one belonging to Bouygues Construction’s Australian subsidiary.

On February 5, 2020 Bouygues confirmed that no construction sites had been halted and “all data output from the company to the outside is subject to a more stringent security procedure”.

Bouygues group has filed a complaint and is working in conjunction with the competent authorities to identify the origin of this criminal action and to protect the interests of its customers and partners. Ad hoc insurance policies have been activated.

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