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On May 20, 2020 OneClass exposed data on over one million students and lecturers. vpnMentor found the Elasticsearch database and contacted OneClass on May 25. OneClass secured the database within a day. The 27 GB OneClass database with a total of 8,972,251…

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BJC HealthCare data breach

BJC HealthCare

BJC HealthCare data breach of 2020 — 14 hospitals affected On March 6, 2020 the data breach of an BJC HealthCare's employee email accounts occurred, and they were accessed by an unauthorized person. BJC released notice to patients on May 5, 2020, specifying…

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On April 29, 2020 Tarkett was hit by a cyber attack that disrupted commercial and production operations. Tarkett immediately shut down its information technology systems and put in place the necessary preventive measures to protect its operations as well as the data…

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On March 16, 2020 Norfund data breach led to a serious fraud and loss of $10 milion. Hackers acessed information concerning a loan from Norwegian Investment Fund to a microfinance institution in Cambodia (LOLC). They then manipulated information exchange between Norfund and…

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Westech International

Westech security breach leaked confidential documents. Hackers encrypted company's computers and demanded ransom. On June 3, 2020 it was announced that Westech security breach led to confidential documents stolen by hackers. Westech is a private company in New Mexico that provides engineering…

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On May 22, 2020 an Indian online education site EduCBA emailed its users that a data breach had occurred and their data exposed. Email, name, password, and courses visited are among the data that was compromised. According to EduCBA's communication, no financial…

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Nikkei was a victim of data breach in 2020 led to leakage of data on over 12 thousand employees. In 2019 a Nikkei employee transferred $29 million of Nikkei America funds to scammers. Nikkei employee data leak — 2020 On May 12, 2020…

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