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Heartland Farm Mutual

Heartland Farm Mutual data breach has exposed personal information due to the cyber attack on an employee’s email.

On June 29, 2020 Heartland Farm Mutual, a Canadian insurance company, confirmed the cybersecurity incident. In the course of this cyber attack an employee’s email was targeted and “may have exposed a small number of individuals’ personal information”, said Louis Derocher, President and CEO, Heartland Farm Mutual.

It is unclear when the incident took place.

Heartland Farm Mutual has notified the customers affected, and offered them free credit monitoring for a year. It also stressed it is not aware of any misuse of the information.

Derocher hired a company to investigate the incident and notified the “appropriate authorities”. Since 2018 it is required to report data breaches according to The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

It is notable that Heartland Farm Mutual offers data breach and cyber attack insurance. According to the company’s brochure, in order to protect a business from a data breach, one should “think like a hacker”.

Heartland Farm Mutual was created in 2016 by the merger of North Waterloo Farmers Mutual and Oxford Mutual. It is located in Waterloo, Ontario.

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