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Nikkei was a victim of data breach in 2020 led to leakage of data on over 12 thousand employees. In 2019 a Nikkei employee transferred $29 million of Nikkei America funds to scammers.

Nikkei employee data leak — 2020

On May 12, 2020 Nikkei Inc. informed that data on 12,514 people had been leaked. The information included names and emails of the board members, employees at Nikkei and some of its group companies. According to Nikkei, no leakage of readers’ information occurred.

The reason for this data breach is that the Nikkei employee’s computer was infected after an email with a malicious attachment was received. According to the firm, the “virus was of a new type”.

According to Nikkei, no abuse on the leaked information was detected so far. All the affected parties were contacted.

Nikkei hit by scammers, loses $29 million — 2019

Late September, 2019 a Nikkei employee at its US subsidiary transferred approximately $29 million of Nikkei America funds. The employee was given “fraudulent instructions by a malicious third party who purported to be a management executive of Nikkei.”

Nikkei America recognized that it was likely that it had been subject to a fraud and “immediately retained lawyers to confirm the underlying facts while filing a damage report with the investigation authorities in the U.S. and Hong Kong”, Nikkei released on October 30, 2019.

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