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Okemah City Hall hacked

On June 8, 2020 Okemah City Hall (Oklahoma, USA) computer systems were hacked and infected with ransomware, as the city government announced. All the data, including anything related to utility payments, is encrypted and inaccessible. Okemah City Manager Dustin Danker said the hackers initially demanded $2,500 before bumping up their demand to $7,000.

If the city does not pay, on June 15 the ransom price would increase again to $14,000. The ransom will jump again to $14,000 on Friday if the city doesn’t pay. The emergency city council meeting was called to authorize the payment if other measures fail.

OMAG, the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group could not find a way around the hack and recommended to pay the ransom. Danker was authorized by the council to make the payment if the attempts to recover were unsuccessful.

We’ve been kicked back to the 80’s

Dustin Danker, Okemah City Manager

Danker is working both with the FBI and the Okemah Police Department to try and resolve the digital lockdown. He added the city had insurance to cover some of the losses.

Dunker resigned as a city manager on June 18, 2020.

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