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Tag: Healthcare

Cano Health data breach

Cano Health

Cano Health data breach compromised personal data of 28,268 patients, including their medical, insurance, financial information, social security numbers. MIAMI, June 12, 2020 — Cano Health, LLC, a leading population health management company and operator of primary care medical centers in Florida,…

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PsyGenics data leak relates to the client's data sent by PsyGenics employee to their personal email in March 2020. Almost two month later PsyGenics confirmed the leak. On March 24, 2020, a PsyGenics employee forwarded PsyGenics customer information contained within Excel…

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ExecuPharm data breach leaks 98,995 ExecuPharm and Parexel emails, and 163GB of financial and accounting information, user documents and data backups. On March 13, 2020 ExecuPharm experienced a cybersecurity incident. Hackers encrypted ExecuPharm's servers and demanded a ransom for decryption. Seems like…

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BJC HealthCare data breach

BJC HealthCare

BJC HealthCare data breach of 2020 — 14 hospitals affected On March 6, 2020 the data breach of an BJC HealthCare's employee email accounts occurred, and they were accessed by an unauthorized person. BJC released notice to patients on May 5, 2020, specifying…

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