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Westech International

Westech security breach leaked confidential documents. Hackers encrypted company’s computers and demanded ransom.

On June 3, 2020 it was announced that Westech security breach led to confidential documents stolen by hackers. Westech is a private company in New Mexico that provides engineering support, repair and maintenance for ground subsystems components involved in the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program (as a sub-contractor for Northrup Grumman), according to Sky News.

Westech security breach followed by encryption of its computers. hackers demanded ransom and started leaking the documents to pressure the company to pay. Westech confirmed the hack and the fact of encryption.

“We recently experienced a ransomware incident, which affected some of our systems and encrypted some of our files”


The sum of the ransom is not disclosed. According to Sophos, the cyber attack involved Maze ransomware. Maze is known to automatically copy files to the threat actors servers in addition to encrypting files.

According to the leaked files, the data stolen includes sensitive data, such as payroll and emails. It is not clear yet if the information stolen during this data breach is classified.

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